[section class=”text-center”]In a traditional Italian family, food is almost always the main focal point of every gathering. We both have a passion for cooking and entertaining, and felt that Dover needed a fresh take on breakfast and lunch.

Our goal is to combine our fresh, locally produced, great ingredients to create simple dishes. We locally source our food whenever possible, and most of our menu items are made from scratch, whether in our own kitchen, or in the case of breakfast and sandwich breads, in local bakeries like Stone House Bakery in Barrington. [/section][section style=”default” class=”text-center”][section-header title=”The Kitchen” break=”true” deck= title_class=”title-lg”]


Helen Williams – Owner

Helen was born in England while her military family was stationed there, and moved to Barrington at the age of 4. She graduated from Dover High School, where she met high school sweetheart, Bob, and later married him. Helen attended Rittners School of Floral Design and worked in the horticulture industry in Florida before moving back to NH in 1997 to pursue work in property management.

Helen and her husband have been working in real estate since 2006. With brother-in-law Jim’s return to the area, Helen felt the need for a new adventure and partnered up with him to create 2 Home Cooks.