Crock-Pot :: FUN FACTS!

2 Home Cooks has recently added ‘Today’s Crock-Pot’ to the menu – because what’s better during a New England winter than hot comfort food that almost cooks itself?

To truly appreciate the greatness that is the Crock-Pot, you should know some fun facts about its history! According to The Daily Meal and Wikipedia….

Check out 85 page cookbook that came with the original Crock-Pot! Photo from The Huffington Post.

  • It was invented in the 50’s by Irving Naxon, owner of the Naxon Utilities Corporation of Chicago and was called ‘The Naxon Beanery All-Purpose Cooker,’ sometimes advertised as ‘The Electric Bean Pot.’
  • Another company in the 50’s called the Industrial Radiant Heat Corp. out of NJ advertised a similar product called the ‘Simmer Crock.’
  • The Rival Company bought Naxon in 1970 and reintroduced the product as the Crock-Pot in 1971.
  • Sunbeam Products now owns the brand name ‘Crock-Pot.’
  • The first Crock-Pot cost $25
  • Crock-Pots became popular when more women were entering the workforce, since it allowed them to a more convenient way to make dinner for their families.
  • The popularity caught on – later in the 70’s there were more than 40 companies making their own versions of it!

What might you find in Today’s Crock-Pot, you ask? Some of our guests’ favorites thus far have been BBQ chicken, beef stew, pulled pork and baked beans. Like us on Facebook to find out what’s next!

Apple Harvest Day Menu!


Going to the Apple Harvest Day festivities on Saturday, October 3rd?

Come to 2 Home Cooks for breakfast or lunch and sample our special Apple Harvest Day Menu!

Our normal menu will not be available on Apple Harvest Day, as we expect a bigger than usual crowd. Please take a peek at our special apple-based menu for the day!

Breakfast (served from 8:00-10:00 am):

  • Buttermilk Pancakes w/ 1 Topping – Apple or Blueberry

Lunch (served from 10:00 am-2:00 pm):

  • Slow Roasted Ribs, Homemade Coleslaw, Corn Bread or Jalapeño Corn Bread
  • Pulled Pork topped w/ Apple/Fennel Homemade Bourbon Chipotle Sauce
  • Roasted Pulled Chicken w/ Our Homemade Sauce, topped w/ Apple/Fennel Coleslaw

*We will have other delicious food available, TBA day of!*